Wednesday, February 6, 2013


It is finally finished! My great adventure into double knitting. I have worked on this almost exclusively since November. There was a little time away to work on some Christmas knitting, and another pair of socks... It is the equivalent of about 8 or 9 socks.
And the Back:
And here is the tiger I made it for:


  1. Oh my, that is stunning! I favourited this scarf a while ago, but dunno if I will ever make it - it looks like an incredible amount of work. That's amazing that you finished it in such a relatively short time. It's beautiful!

  2. Lisa, this is beautiful. Gabrielle will love it. I just finished teaching a sock class in FL and directed my students to you on Ravelry. Wow you are one talented person!

  3. Wow.......... der Schal ist wunderschön geworden!
    LG Gisela